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By order of the Estonian Government we will check for all visitors of our restaurant the Covid-19 vaccination passport/certificate or proof of a previous Covid-19 infection, which must be submitted together with an identity document. Customers with age from 12 to 18 years old will be admitted to the restaurant with a negative test result (PCR or antigen-RT test), vaccination passport/certificate or proof of a previous Covid-19 infection. The PCR test must be performed no more than 72 hours and the antigen-RT test no more than 48 hours before the visit to the restaurant and the test must be performed by a healthcare provider. We can offer you our hospitality if at least one of these are available. If a person cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, then he/she can dine on the basis of a corresponding medical certificate.


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Mon–Fri 11:30–23:00

Sat 14:00–23:00, Sun closed

About us

Restaurant PULL is created and owned by famous grill masters Enn Tobreluts, Hanno Kuul and Andres Tuule, who together founded PULL in 2016.

Enn is internationally recognized BBQ and grill chef and catering owner and a valued consultant to the local meat industry. He is also the Head Judge at the local grilling festival Grillfest and main distributor to various barbecue and grilling products and devices. His work started in 1996, when he was just 20 years old, in 2016 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award ”Remarkable contribution towards developing Estonian barbecue culture”. Both Hanno and Andres have been working in catering and restaurant industry for several years now and between them have gained a signi cant experience in preparing and serving food. Together, all three men have formed a professional team and contribute their best knowledge, skills and talent to operate Restaurant PULL.

Restaurant PULL aims to offer its customers best quality steaks, meats cooked on low temperatures, delicious grill dishes together with super-healthy salads, freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. Fine wines and other beverages are also available. All wines are available by glass and bottle, most of them with Coravin method. Only premium quality raw produce is used at PULL, sourced from the best farms and manufacturers across the world, including meats produced in Saaremaa Lihatööstus. The emphasis here is to cook on real fire as most dishes are being cooked over hot charcoal, and some even inside the charcoal. One of the restaurant’s signatory dishes is Enn Tobreluts’ ‘dirty steak’, where the meat is cooked directly in the charcoal. The most popular entrees at the Pull are our famous Angus marble steak, gigant steak, beef ribs, pulled pork, Pull’s burger, famous duck, salmon on plank, seafood paella, ceviche, moose tartare, superfood and tabbouleh salads, creamed spinach and much more.

Together, the fantastic food, great music and stylish, contemporary interior create a cosy atmosphere and a unique dining experience. The interior has been designed by Ace of Space’s internal architect Ines Haak, and designer Aap Piho, the paintings on the walls have been painted by a talented young artist Silver Koppel. The graphic styling of PULL has been created by Eastwood Advertising.

Saaremaa Butchery’s exclusive store, which operates in the same building, invites customers to buy either pre-prepared or unprepared cuts of meat. Why not choose your favorite cut of meat, allow it to dry cure and take it to PULL where the chefs will prepare, cook and serve it exactly as required by you. The store’s extensive range offers some very exotic meats, such as zebra sirloin, crocodile tale fillet, kangaroo steak and other interesting local and foreign delicacies.

In addition to the above, the PULL team organizes catering and cooking courses. Enn Tobreluts and his team have been providing luxury grill and BBQ catering, cooking courses and shows since 2006. At the Pull is possible to organise also big coorporate and private parties. On the II floor we have got private room for 20-40 people and there is possible to use also data-projector with large screen and soundsystem. In the summer time we have also summer terrace for 50 people.

The merchandise cupboard offers a chance to purchase PULL branded reusable shopping bags, plaid blankets, steak knives, Enn Tobreluts trademark spice mixes and other fascinating products. Further info can be found from your waiter/waitress.

In June 2018 we will open also new casual fine dining restarant “Härg” to the Tallinn city centre.

The grain elevator building of Rotermann Factories

(built in 1904–1930)

The history of Rotermann Quarter dates back to 1829 when Rotermann Factories was established by Christian Abraham Rotermann, which initially was a merchant court dealing primarily with with construction material production, import and export. In time, the business expanded to build a department store, a starch factory, a spirit factory, a pasta factory etc. A brand new flour mill was built in 1890, and the grain elevator building in Hobujaama Street in 1900, which was extended and completed in 1904.

The buildings went through a re-development in 1930s, during which the grain elevator was extensively renovated and re-designed. Rotermann Factories Enterprise ceased trading and was nationalized in 1945. One of the key industries of Rotermann Quarter during the occupation was the bread manufacturing – the production facility Leibur used the Hobujaaama building as a bread factory even until the latter part of the 1980s. The Soviet-era atmosphere of the Rotermann Quarter has been immortalized in the world cultural history as the decaying industrial area became the set for the majority of scenes for ‘Stalker’, a film by Andrei Tarkovsky. Industrial manufacturing stopped in most of Rotermann Quarter buildings by the 1990s.

2006 saw the start of renovation and re-development work in Rotermann Quarter. The area was designated historically valuable by the National Heritage Board in 2011 and therefore the the old industrial buildings that have found a new function should coexist peacefully with high quality contemporary architecture. The grain elevator, which is the Quarters biggest and most spectacular building, has also become a home for Restaurant PULL. Renovation works for at the gain elevator building started in 2015, in order to adjust the building for its new tenants. A fully functional, modern restaurant kitchen was fitted in the former elevator rooms along with high-tech grill devices and ‘Saaremaa Butchery’ butcher’s store. The restaurant seats about 90 people over its two floors, an outside courtyard terrace is open in summer season.



    Rotermanni 2

    (on the corner of Hobujaama

    and Ahtri street)

    Tallinn 10111


    Phone 5382 5000

    E-mail info@pull.ee




    Mon–Fri 11:30–23:00

    Sat 14:00–23:00, Sun closed

Pull Restoranid OÜ / Reg No 12944692 / VAT No EE101902544


  1. Rotermanni parkimismaja (2.40 €/h)

  2. Ahtri 6f parkla (2.40 €/h)

  3. Admirali parkimismaja P19 (2 €/h)

  4. Norde Centrumi parkla (1 h tasuta, edasi 1.60 €/h)

  5. Europark, Ahtri 3 EP 42 (1.00€/h)